FPCT also provides a variety of social services to the community regardless of religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity, economic status, linguistic differences, race or disability, and runs some 150 social projects (pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, hospitals, community health education projects, youth center, disability programs, etc), and it has been demonstrating relevant civil society actions through its long history of active engagement with children. In the pursuit of inclusion of people with disabilities in a practical and meaningful way

FPCT has developed a Policy on Disability, Guidelines, and Toolkit and meaningful way for its implementation, as well as established the National Disability Office under Disability Board to ensure practical implementation of the Policy.

The office runs a project named “Empowering Children with Disabilities in Tanzania”

The National Disability Office contains of different Disability Specific Units such as FURAHA-TABORA deals with people of visual impairment, YDCP-TANGA with all kind of children with disabilities, IDUGUTA-NZEGA deals with people of leprosy, NYAMAHANGA-KAGERA deals with all kind of disabilities, KIBRELI-ARUSHA deals with people of visual impairments, TUMAINI KOROGWE-TANGA with people of intellectual impairments, MCHUKWI-RUFIJI dealing with people of disabilities, MWAOMI-MWANZA deals with people of disabilities etc.

Funding is sought from within FPCT churches and from local and international partners.